This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast

Ep 19 - Joy Crookes - Skin

January 25, 2022 Guy, Nolan, Joey and David Season 2 Episode 7
This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast
Ep 19 - Joy Crookes - Skin
Show Notes

Part 1 - Album of the Month

This Is Not Happening kicks off the New Year with a great album from the end of 2021, Joy Crookes' debut release 'Skin'. We discuss our expectations and reactions, similarities between this album and a certain other soul singer from London and get deep into our favourite tracks from the album. There's lovely point of pod-synergy when Nolan predicts with 100% accuracy Joey's favourite track and more impressively, the reason for this selection.

In the chat we reference 3  interviews that are worth looking into to get a rounder flavour of Joy. These gave us a better sense of some of the tracks, her background and a bit of old-fashioned entertainment ... she's a great interviewee;

  1. 'This City - Podcast - With Clara Amfo - Feb. 2020
  2. 'gal-dem' interview - Oct. 2021
  3. 'Diffus' interview - Oct. 2021

Part 2 - 'Spin it' or 'Bin it'

In the second part of this episode we take inspiration from Joy's stomping ground and we all bring a track from South London that we love.  Each of us introduce our track and ask the others if they want to 'spin it' or 'bin it';

Joey's track selection is -  Ha ha by Ty
Guy's track selection is - Little More Love by A J Tracey
Nolan's track selection is - Sad Cowboy by Goat Girl
David's track selection is - You Look Certain (I'm not so sure) by Mount Kimbie

A link to a mini-Spotify-playlist of these 4 tracks can be found here.

Next Month

Episode #20 will see us take a slightly different approach to the podcast. January is often a flat month for releases, rather than choose something that we didn't have our hearts in, we're each going to chose an album from the last 10 years (ish) for another member of the team.

Other episodes of the pod and 10 years of the blog;

If you enjoyed this episode, please check out the others. If that's not enough for you then there's 10 years worth of music discussion on the blog at, which runs alongside the podcast choices and much, much more. So check them out so to see what we like and where we clash, and comment if something catches your eye. We'd love to see what you think.   

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