This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast

Ep 18 - Our Top 10 Albums of 2021

December 21, 2021 Guy, David, Joey & Nolan Season 2 Episode 6
This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast
Ep 18 - Our Top 10 Albums of 2021
Show Notes

This Is Not Happening's 2021 comes to an end with a look back at the many musical highs of a memorable 2021 and count down our top ten  albums of the year. Despite the many challenges musicians have been facing in making music in a pandemic, it's been a truly exceptional year,  from the likes of Wolf Alice, Japanese Breakfast, Arlo Parks, Billie Eilish, The Weather Station and many others, but there's only room for one winner - who's it going to be?

We'll also be nominating our tracks of the year, from a very tough long list of amazing records. Here are our our 4 monster fave tracks of 2021, one from each of us, below.

Guy: Feu! Chatteron - Écran Total
Nolan: Gheist - We Are Not Alone
David: Royce Wood Jr - Slush
Joey: Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

The full top 10s and playlists and all our music discussions over the last ten years can be found on the blog at, which will run alongside the podcast choices and much, much more. So check them out so to see what we like and where we clash, and comment if something catches your eye. We'd love to see what you think.  You can also find our longer tracks of the year here on Spotify.

Episode #19 will see us take on one of 2021's most underrated albums - Joy Crookes's incredible debut Skin -  and we'll be delving deep into it in January. The episode will land in the second half of January.

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