This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast

Ep 26 - Hot Chip - Freakout / Release

October 18, 2022 Guy, Nolan, Joey and David Season 3 Episode 2
This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast
Ep 26 - Hot Chip - Freakout / Release
Show Notes

We're back again this month with our usual format. In Part 1 we go deep on Hot Chip's latest album, in Part 2 we play 'Spin It or Bin It', where we choose a theme and each bring our choice of tracks. This month the theme is 'Dance-Pop'.

Part 1 | Album of the Month | Hot Chip | Freakout/Release

It's Guy's choice this month and he chooses the one of his favourite band's latest release. It's always interesting when one of us chooses a band that they love and have loads of history with. 

Listen to the album - Here

The chat focuses around our initial impressions, favourite tracks, the difficulty of maintaining relevance and engagement on your 8th album ... and we all have something to say on the sequencing of tracks on this album.

Guy has curated a 28 track playlist called 'Hot Chip's Hot Hits' - have a listen to it here

During the chat there were loads of references to Hot Chip side projects, here are a few links for you to check out;

Part 2 | Spin It or Bin It | We all choose a Dance-Pop Track

In tribute to Hot Chip, the theme for Spin It or Bin It this month is Dance-Pop. Over the course of the month we all create a play list of our favourite Dance-Pop, a shortlist of 4 tracks and then choose a track to delight (or in my case annoy) the team. This month, the 4 tracks were ...

  1. Nolan chose - Robyn | Dancing On My Own
  2. Guy chose - Cassius | The Sound of Violence
  3. Joey chose - The Knife | Pass This On
  4. David chose - Soulwax | NY Excuse 

The 16 track playlist of each of our 4 shortlisted tracks can be found here and it's a belter!

Next Month

I (
Joey) will be running the show and hosting the discussion on Sudan Archive's 2nd album - Natural Brown Prom Queen

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