This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast

Ep 25 - Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights

September 23, 2022 Guy, Nolan, Joey and David Season 3 Episode 1
This Is Not Happening - An Album Of The Month Podcast
Ep 25 - Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights
Show Notes

After a little summer break we're back! We get deep into our Album of the Month, Steve Lacy's Gemini Rights in Part 1. We dig a little deeper than most pods and make sure we've spent LOADS of time living with the album.  In Part 2 we have one of the best 'Spin It or Bin It' that I can remember - we each bring a track and ask each other 'Spin It or Bin It?'

Part 1: Album of the Month - Steve Lacy's 'Gemini Rights'

It's David's choice this month and he chooses the intriguing 'Gemini Rights'. Its a tight, punchy album which gave us loads to discuss: Tik Tok, the tension between joyous music and often bitter lyrics, the influence of gender and sexuality on this album and the age of massive change that we're living in.

The chat references loads of music and we highly recommend that you check out the following if you're not familiar already;

Part 2: Spin It or Bin It - New Music (tracks from June 2022 onwards)

In Part 2 we get into one of the best Spin It or Bin It? that we've had. We each bring a track that meets a different brief every month. This month is simple - 'New Music'. We then ask each other the binary question 'Spin It or Bin It?' and then choose a track of the month from the 4. Here's our choices ...

  1.  Guy's choice is Romare's 'Quiet Corners of My Mind'
  2. Nolan's choice is Danger Mouse and Black Thought's 'The Darkest Part'
  3. Joey's choice is Ela Minus and DJ Python's 'Parajos en Verano'
  4. David's choice is Sudan Archive's 'NBPQ (Topless)'

Next Month

Guy will be running the show and hosting the discussion on Hot Chip's 'Freakout Release'.

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